Worship Ministry

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"The Worship Ministry 
of Trinity Alliance Church 
has always been and will always be 
about the presence and glory of God! 
We exist to bring Him glory 
and reveal His truth to a broken world. 
If we know Who He is, 
then we know who we are. 
If we know who we are, 
then we can live in freedom 
as God meant us to live!"

Our Passion

Worship is giving God the glory He alone deserves. We were created to worship Him alone!

Our heartfelt passion is to model and facilitate Scriptural worship that brings pleasure and joy to the Lord and glory to His name! Our sole purpose is to bring focus on God, not draw attention to ourselves.

Worship is a vital part of the life of everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is our desire to live a Christ-centered lifestyle that reflects His glory!

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