Capital South Campus Center   
 "Realization of a Community Vision"

The Capital South Campus Center is being created in the heart of the south end of Albany, in the center of an area distinctly in need of revitalization  both physically and economically, yet within a stone’s throw of the Governor’s Mansion and the Capital buildings of New York state.  The building itself is being constructed under a five million dollar HUD grant, with the core activities to be contained in the building dictated by the parameters of the grant. This grant for the creation of urban educational and employment mecca, was one of ten awarded around the nation, with the  purpose of  providing public housing and low-income residents with strategically located access to higher education, employment opportunities, and supportive services.

The Capital South Campus Center as  designed  and programmed by the Albany Housing Authority and Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region, Inc. far exceeds the breadth and scope envisioned by the original HUD application.   Springing from the 2007 Capital South Plan,  developed with input from a broad array of community stakeholders,  which put forth neighborhood renewal concepts, including creating a south end  educational corridor, the Capital South Campus Center embodies the aspirations of the community and the HUD vision.  

The federal funding intent was to create urban college campuses around the nation, the Capital South Campus Center will meet this objective, and expand it to embrace the Capital South Plan to focus  already existing cultural arts, education, business and workforce development assets to “grow, energize and stabilize the neighborhood”, while adding a reservoir of new resources.