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Welcome to Critic's Corner!
Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to Critic's Corner, a club that meets after school to watch and review great works of film history. We tend to meet twice a month in one week. We start to watch the movie of the month in the first meeting, and then finish it and review in our second. Come for the free food, a good mood, and a free movie experience!

- Patrick Villegas, President of Critic's Corner

You can look at a film a number of ways--the story, the meaning, how it was made, did it cost a lot of money to make and was it successful at the box office, the special effects. . . Take a look at our Questions for Film Discussion, attached below, and pick a few questions to get started on thinking about a film and developing your own critical response.

Steven N Sasso,
Sep 27, 2015, 12:01 PM