Classroom Happenings

“Pre-K Newsletter

June 4, 2017

Last Week:

·         Introduce beginning sound of “y”, words beginning with the sound of “y”,  poem “The Yak”, paint yarn, practice with yoyos, how to write “Yy”, trace “Yy

·         Memorial Day

·         Geoboards (plastic board with pegs, students use rubber bands to make geometric shapes)

·         Make designs with tangrams and pattern blocks

·         Life Cycle of a frog, story “Curious George Has Tadpole Trouble”

·         Spiral decorations for the hall

·         Rosaries and booklet sent home (please remind your child that rosaries are for praying (they are blessed)

·         Pray every day to praise God; Friends of Jesus pray together

·         First Friday Mass

This Week:

·         Introduce beginning sound of “z” and words beginning with the sound of “z”

·         Life Cycle of frog booklet, tadpoles are growing

·         Begin assessments for report cards

·         Wednesday: Gym (students wear sneakers)

·         Friday, June 9th:  Beach Party, 6:30-8:00 in the school parking lot

Upcoming dates to remember:

·         Monday, June 19th: 11:00 dismissal, last day of school for Pre-K, Graduation Ceremony in Church at 6:30 p.m.

Thank you again for donating to the pinwheels. The students placed them in the front lawn of the school around the digital sign. They look great!

Mrs. Timmins