Week Ending January 26, 2018


Monday: Vocabulary Words 3 times each, Math Page, Read 20 minutes
Tuesday: Vocabulary Words 1-10 sentences, Math Page, Read 20 Minutes
Wednesday: Vocabulary Words 11-20 Sentences, Math Page, Read 20 Minutes
Thursday: Vocabulary Words Story Paragraph, Math Page, Read 20 Minutes
Friday: Reading Test, Math Test (equivalent fractions)

Special Schedule: 
PE(gym)-Monday and Wednesday
Art-Monday and Thursday 
Music-Tuesday and Thursday 
Computer-Monday and Friday


Students will read the story of the week  
I Wanna Iguana 

click link for online story

Students will also begin the new 
Reading Circles with different chapter books for each group.  This will take place during reading time and each group will meet with teacher once a week!

We will strengthen our reading skills 
and learn new concepts as well as 
new content vocabulary words during 
this time.
Plants Fitting into Their World


Please practice your 
multiplication facts 0-12
Timed Quiz Friday 

Social Studies

Geographical Regions


Students will learn about the 
Sacraments of our
Catholic Church


Our Solar System

Students will learn about the planets 
in our solar system.  They will also complete research on a planet and 
write a research paper.

Writing Workshop

Snow Globe Story

teaches the reader about a topic
tells the author's opinion 

a story