Mrs. Rosenthal's Tech Time!

Some of our favorite sites offers an abundance of standards based learning games grade leveled from Pre-K through 5th grade for everything from spelling to keyboarding to fractions this site helps reinforce what the students are learning in their classrooms! offers great learning and reading opportunities, just recently we've worked on the Odd Squad's Code Breakers and Down the Tubes in the younger levels.  Both of these games use critical thinking to help students recognize how to follow patterns, timing and planning ahead as well as how to make problem solving connections.  & use visual displays to help students with proper hand placement and keyboarding techniques

Computer Coding for Kids!  

All of these sites are helping your children learn logic, problem-solving skills, creativity, mathematics and reasoning. 

Fall is a busy season, we've been working on keyboarding, learning about Digital Citizenship and my older grades are working on a power point presentation called "Portrait of a Student" .

I hope the kids are enjoying all the work!

Mrs. Rosenthal