Hi Everyone!

This is our final full week of school together. Can you believe it!?!?

In Religion, we will continue to study the 10 Commandments. By using the 10 Commandments as a guide for our own actions, we are able to make good moral choices.

In Science, we will continue to do a Mystery Science called the Human Machine. It's pretty cool, and there are some gross parts!!

We will complete Unit 4 of Readers Workshop: Historical Fiction Book Clubs.

For writing this week, we will be writing our June All About Me. We will be putting all of our writing pieces together next week and making an All About Me book to send home with you.

In Math, we will finish our work with Customary Measurement. 

Math Apps: Fun way to practice 5 minutes a night
Quick Math
Math Drills Lite

Math Website (Goes along with My Math): Fun games, math fact practice, homework help and more!

  • June 12 PTC meeting 7 p.m.
  • June 12: 3rd & 4th to Elmwood Park
  • June 14 Flag Day (Wear red, white, blue) & Ludden STEM club demo
  • June 16 Pre-K 4& K Graduation
  • June 17 Art on the Porches
  • June 19 Grades 1-5 Picnic, 6th grade class trip: Noon dismissal (Gym Uniform)
  • June 20 6th Graduation Mass, 10 a.m.: Noon dismissal (Dress Uniform)/ No lunch. Pack a big snack.
  • June 21 Grades 1 – 5 Moving Up Day: 10 a.m. dismissal (Gym Uniform)

  • Aug. 31 Popsicles in the Playground & orientation
  • Sept. 6 First Day of School K-5