Classroom Happenings

   Every child is a different kind of Flower and all together make this world a Beautiful garden.                       



 Dear Parents,

   A very Happy February to all of you.  I can’t believe how quickly these last couple of months have gone by.

   It was so nice to see all of you at our Open House.   I hope you all had a good time. I know the children were so excited to show you all around.

   Catholic Schools Week – was a very busy week and the children enjoyed all the fun programs and activities.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jackson and Savannah Dysert.



 we will  continue  to work on our printing and counting  numbers 1 -20 in our Beary Special Math Book.

              We will continue to work on our math concepts of more or less, patterns, sorting and graphing .


for the month of February we will be talking about Floating and Sinking and experimenting with different objects that when

 placed in water will float or sink.

The children are invited to bring objects from home and we will test our predictions of which objects will float or sink. The children have a great time with this experiment.

            We will also  continue  our experiments on “What Dissolves” by using different liquids. This month we will see what happens to candy hearts when put in soda, vinegar and water.

                                                                  SHOW AND TELL


We will be learning the Letters and beginning sounds of K, L and M. We will also be practicing our printing skills (K, L, M). We will continue to work on our rhyming  skills, we are having a great time making up silly rhyming words.


           FEBRUARY 4 -  the letter K – we will be making Katy Kangaroo and having Kangaroo Races.

           February 11 – the letter L – we will be making Larry Lion who loves Lime Lollipops and going on a Lollipop Hunt.

           February 25 – the letter M – we will be making Marvin the Mouse who likes to drink Milkshakes.



During the month of February we will be talking about St. Valentine (someone who loved God very much and was especially kind and helpful to others). The month of February is a special month for children to celebrate love for families and friends. We will discuss ways we can show our love for God by respecting our parents and each other, discovering and learning various ways of showing love for others.


    February 1 - First Friday Mass

    February 14– VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY

    February 18 – 24 – Winter Recess.

REPORT CARDS – your child will be bringing home his/her report card in February  after reading it, please sign the report card and send it back to school.

     If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s report card I am always available for a conference.


        We will be exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with each other. There are 20 children in the class (8 Boys and 12 Girls). Please do not put any names on the front of the envelopes it is easier and quicker for the children to pass out their Valentine’s without names on the front of the envelopes. If the children want to sign their names on the back of the valentines that would be great practice for them.

Thank You for all you do for us, HAPPY  VALENTINE’S  DAY