Classroom Happenings

  Dear Parents,

            Pre-K has had a great four weeks of school. The children have settled very nicely into our classroom routines.

  They have been very busy making new friends, playing together, doing projects and enjoying the great playtime weather outside.

BIRTHDAYS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ethan (October 14),   Lexi (October 16) and Aaron (October 27).

RELIGION -  for the month of October we will be talking about how we are all Special in God's eyes . We will be discussing how are names, eyes, ears, voices and smiles are special to our families and God. We will be talking about God who has special friends and we have special friends,  who we should be kind, helpful and respectful to


    LANGUAGE ARTS - we will be learning about Rhymes - listening to nursery rhymes and reading books with rhyming words, and then the fun will begin when we try rhyming our own silly words.

    We will also be talking about Opposites and reading a great fun book called the “OPPOSITE BOOK” and making a MAGIC RABBIT IN THE HAT who can perform all kinds of magical opposite tricks.

    For our Letter Show and Tells - the children may bring a toy, food, a picture or something they made that begins with the letter of the week.

     For the month of October the children will be learning the letters and sounds of A, B, C and D. We will also be printing our letters A, B,C and D.

     Our Letter Show and Tells -

       October 2- Letter A – we will be making Al and Annie Alligator.

       October 4 – making applesauce in school. Please bring to school 1 peeled apple. Please don’t worry, while the children are cutting their apples and eating the pieces at the same time we are warming up store bought applesauce. There is never enough apple slices to make the applesauce as the children get very excited and hungry.

       October 10 – Letter B - we will be making Baby Brown Bear.

       October 12  – we will be going on a Bear Hunt to find our Baby Bears.

       October 16 Letter C – we will be making Cuddles the Cat.

       October 23 Letter D – we will be making Danny the


 MATH CENTER - we will begin to learn about Shapes - the children will be having a lot of fun learning about the different shapes that we

     see around us every day and making all our Halloween projects out of these great shapes (circles, triangles, ovals, rectangles, squares). We will be learning to count, identify and print our numbers 1 - 20.

SCIENCE CENTER - for the month of October, the children will be learning about Fall - the change in the leaves on the trees, bushes and flowers. We will be taking a walk around the school grounds pointing out the changes that we see taking place. We will also be learning how birds, squirrels, bears and other animals get ready for the cold winter months ahead. We will be learning two new words migration and hibernation. We will be learning about the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin.

IMPORTANT DAYS IN OCTOBER -                                                                                         

October 2 – Monday –Thursday - Scholastic Book Fair

October 3 – Tuesday -School Pictures will be taken.

October 6 – Friday - NO SCHOOL – Faculty Retreat.

October 9 – MondayNO SCHOOL– Columbus Day Observance.


October 20– Friday – Plumpton’s Farm Stand will be bringing pumpkins to our school and making a little pumpkin patch for the children. The children will be taking a walk around the school to the Pumpkin Patch to search for the best pumpkin. We will then bring it back to class and decorate it.


October 31 – Tuesday – Classroom HALLOWEEN PARTY

  Our Halloween Party will be in our classroom. The children will be planning their party, the food they would like to eat and the games they would like to play. More information will follow about the Halloween Parade.