Classroom Happenings

   Every child is a different kind of Flower and all together make this world a Beautiful garden.                       



Dear Parents,

  Welcome back, it’s so nice to be back at school. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

   I would like to thank all of you for your help during the month of December with our FIVE SENSES show and tell, the children had a great time discovering their five senses. The month of December was a very busy and exciting one for the little ones. The children really enjoyed Polar Express Day (especially wearing their PJ’s to school) and their Christmas party with a surprise visit from Santa.

   LANGUAGE ARTS – we will be continuing our Alphabet Show and Tells, this month we will be learning the letters and sounds of  G, H, I, J and .  We will also be learning some of our sight words starting with I, see, a, cat.

    January 4 – the letter H – we will be making Henry Hippo who likes to play his Horn.

    January 11  – the letter I – we will be making Isabella Inch worm.

   January 19  – the letter J – we will be making Jerry Jaguar who likes to eat Jelly Beans.

   January 25 - the letter K - we will be making Katy Kangaroo and having Kangaroo races.

  SCIENCE CENTER – for the month of January we will be   exploring ANIMALS IN WINTER. We will be learning how animals adapt to the cold weather.    

      We will be learning about HIBERNATION of bears and other animals and MIGRATION of birds.  WE will also be discussing other cold weather animals, Polar Bears and Penguins , how they are alike and how they are different.

  SCIENCE CENTER -  for the next 6 months we will be doing different science experiments in the classroom. The children will become scientists as they observe, ask questions, wonder, predict and try new things.

    January and February – we will be experimenting with melting and freezing ice, snowballs and other frozen objects.   We will also be doing experiments with popcorn and  What Dissolves- using different solids placed in water and different liquids. It is great to watch the children learn, explore and discover on their own.   

    MATH CENTER - we will continue to work on our BEARY SPECIAL MATH BOOK, counting and tracing our numbers 1 – 20.  We will be doing a lot of fun activities in math while learning new math skills – Patterns, we will learn to identify, create and extend Patterns.  Graphing, we will be counting and making tallies, reading graphs, making observations , collecting information and sharing the information with each other. There are a lot of fun things to do in this area of math and the activities integrate well with science and literacy concepts.

    As you travel around the city, please encourage your child to use billboards, street signs  and environmental signs McDonalds, Target etc. to practice their letter and number recognition skills.

    RELIGION – the theme for the month of January is “God Gave Us Families” we will be learning about the Holy Family and Jesus as a little boy.  The children will be learning that families are a gift of God’s love for them and that belonging to a family means loving, caring and supporting one another.

                                                                                             IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER

January 6 – Blessing of the Classroom.

January 7 – Blessing of the Toys – the children may bring a toy or toys to school to be blessed.

January 18  Monday -  No School – Martin Luther King Day Observance