1A News! Week of May 14th- May 18th)

Greetings from First Grade!

                                    We had a VERY exciting week! Each day we were blessed with a new butterfly. We will let our four butterflies go free in the grotto on Monday. We have enjoyed watching them grow and change, and we will miss them very much!

            In Superkids, we have been reinforcing our knowledge of the /aw/ sound. We are continuing to check our writing to make sure our sentences are “UP” to expectation. I am SUPER proud of the progress they have been making!

            In Math, we learned that nonstandard units help us measure items but do not provide us with a number measurement like rulers do. It is exciting to hear them ask, “Will we be working with standard or nonstandard units today?” Next week we will begin learning about telling time! (We will start with telling the difference between analog and digital clocks).

            In Religion, we have been praying a decade of the rosary everyday. We are grateful to have the Blessed Mother always watching over us. We know that it is important to ask someone if we can borrow something before we use it, and it is important for us to take good care of it.


1.   Friday, May 25th NO SCHOOL

2  Monday, May 28th NO SCHOOL

3  Thursday, May 31st Rosary Procession. We will begin in the church at 1:00pm. All are welcome to join us.

4  Friday, June 1st First Friday Mass. First and fourth graders will be participating in the liturgy. I will let you know next week what your child’s role will be.

    We are in need of some extra glue sticks and wipes. If you are able to send in some supplies to help us navigate through June we would greatly appreciate it!

As always, thank you for everything you do for your child and our school community!

                                                                                                Yours truly,

                                                                                                Mrs. Blake J