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Holy Family School
5 day Pre-Kindergarten News 
Miss Whelan's Class
January 2022

Dear Parents, Boys, and Girls,

Thank you for helping with storybook reading for our book challenge.  When 10 stories are read, your child can bring in his/her book list.

Here is a peek at our week…

We did not finish all of our letter Ll learning, so it rolls into this week:

* Read “We’re Going on a Lion Hunt”
* Act out story and finish our lion project.

Letter Mm:

Make a mouse project 
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie & retell with story wheel
The Mitten - and retell using story pieces
Matching mitten alphabet letters - Aa - hang on the “clothesline”
Mary - We learn more about Jesus’ mother
Moses - God gave Moses 10 rules - commandments for people to obey.

It will be fun one day this week to bring snow inside to play.  We will investigate how long it takes for snow to melt and observe it as snow and then water.

We will be finishing up our Number Book. Completing #’s 9 & 10

Penguin Learning:

The kids will enjoy on You tube: Penguin Dance and Penguin facts.  It will also be fun to make a penguin art project, waddle like a penguin with the help of bean bags, complete a science experiment to show how feathers repel water, and read the story, “Penguins.”

We did not fit these projects in to our days last week…

* Little People Ski Ramp - Tape large popsicle sticks to Fisher Price little people.  They 
   will “ski” down the incline.
* Create a snowstorm in a glass

Home Fun:

1.   Show your family how you make the sign of the cross.  In school we have learned to say Angel of God , I am a child of God, and Hail Mary.  Try to say these prayers with your family.

2.  Guess what is the room - Look at the objects in a room in your house.  Next, close your eyes and tell everything that you remember that is in the room.  How many things can you remember?  

3.  Take your pennies out of your piggy bank.  Count 10 of them.  Now you have 10 cents.  Put the money in two sets.  One set has 2 pennies and the other has 8 pennies.  Which one is more?  Which one is less?  Continue with different amounts of pennies.  

4.  Make a paper collage by cutting up paper and gluing it.