Classroom Happenings

Dear Parents, Girls and Boys,

Happy Birthday: Lola - 4th, Victoria - 13th, and Shane - 17th 

     This month, we will have some Valentine fun, continue learning about winter science and animals, remind ourselves how God shows His love for us, learn how to keep our heart, body, & teeth healthy, focus on numbers & counting, and more.

Progress Reports will be sent home this month. If you have any questions about your child's progress, please let me know.

Book Reading Challenge - The children have been excited as they share the stories read and receive their award, new book, and magic towel.  We will have a small celebration in late February to conclude our book challenge.  Thanks for your help!


We need to finish up some items listed below.

* Tell one way you show love and caring for others.
* Valentine art
* Valentine hearts 0-5
* Letters in my name 
* What animals are hibernating?

This week in nursery school we will have our Valentine’s Day party, pass our valentine’s to each other, play valentine number games, read stories, and have treats.

We will learn about our Healthy Heart and Teeth this month.

*  Healthy Heart - I have a heart, and it keeps me alive - 
*  My heart is as big as my fist.
*  I can exercise, rest, eat healthy, and not smoke to take care of my heart.
*  My heart pumps blood though my body.


Thank you for sending in your Hooley basket donations.   You have until the end of the month.  We appreciated your support!!  

Home Fun:

1.  Write your name on your valentine cards.

2.  Take your pennies out of your piggy bank.  Count 10 of them.  Now you have 10 cents.  Put the money in two sets.  One set has 2 pennies and the other has 8 pennies.  Which one is more?  Which one is less?  Continue with different amounts of pennies.  

3.  Play concentration with a deck of cards.  Take the numbers 2-10 out of a deck of cards.  Turn all the cards face down.  Taking turns, each player turns over 2 cards.  If they do not match, the next player takes a turn.   If the cards match, that player will get another turn.

4.  Clapping the word - How many syllables (claps/beats) are in the words - elephant?  snow?  rocket? 

We look forward to a wonderful week!

Miss Whelan and Miss Lyn