Classroom Happenings

Dear Parents, Boys, and Girls,

We look forward to a fun week!  

In school, we are learning about fire safety.

October is fire safety month and we are dedicating time to learn important lessons about fire prevention and safety rules. Both classes will be practicing crawling low under smoke and stop, drop, and roll if their clothes catch on fire. We will also talk about hot things and finding a meeting place outside their home. All month we will be learning and reviewing this information.

We will also be discussing and reading stories that help us to know that God made all of us special and made the world through Creation.  We are learning the Guardian Angel prayer.

Fall is in the air!  Both classes made colorful leaves and trees.  We continue to discuss the changes that happen outside during the season of autumn (fall).

Pumpkin Patch - Monday, October 22nd and Tuesday, October 23rd 
     Plumpton’s Farm will be delivering and hiding pumpkins for us to find.  We will have fun searching for the pumpkin patch.  When we find and bring our pumpkins inside, we will make faces on them with stickers. 

Over the next weeks, we will enjoy some Halloween fun.  
The children will be…

** Making Halloween art projects - Halloween jack-o-lanterns, spiders, and more
** Playing Halloween bingo
** Playing “What’s missing?” using Halloween items
** Reading Halloween stories 
** Singing “5 Little Pumpkins” using pumpkins on sticks
** Playing “What’s in the pumpkin?” - sense of touch
** Playing  “Who Disappeared?’’  - Which friends “disappeared behind the shelf?”
** Counting numbers, recognizing numbers - using pumpkin decorations
** Playing games -  hiding the pumpkins, Halloween twister, Halloween dice game

Have a wonderful week,

Miss Whelan and Miss Lyn