Welcome to Pre-K! 

My name is Karen Sparkes and I am so happy to say that I am enjoying my 13th year at Holy Family School.
I firmly believe that teaching the little ones is where I truly belong.
I love guiding children as they learn through purposeful play. To see them explore and grow and discover who they are as they become more independent. 
We are also planting the seeds of Faith in our littlest children.
My previous experiences include Our Lady of Lourdes, Bellevue Heights Nursery School as teacher and Director, St. Ann"s School in kindergarten.
I have BS and am Certified in Elementary N-6 and Special Education and a MS in Education from Le Moyne College.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
God Bless !

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week at HFS!

Lots happening in kindergarten!
Almost half way through kindergarten! 

Happy New Year!!! 
Blessings and joy in the new year.

Be watchful! Advent begins...

We are thankful.

Voting in the USA

Pumpkins and spiders and bats, OH MY!!!!!

Spiders, Golly, pumpkins and fun!

We have so much planned for this week! 

Welcome to kindergarten!
We are going to have so much fun.

Our last month together...went too fast!
Thank you for entrusting us with your children, it has been an honor.

April is half over...going too fast.

Alleluia, Alleluia!
Jesus is Risen!

April showers bring May flowers.What do May flowers bring?Tell me on Monday.

St. Patrick
Superkids Club!

lion or a lamb?
Lent...what are you doing?

We celebrate Catholic Schools...especially Holy Family !

We are having fun and working hard and time is flying by...
Please try to practice at home and do i-ready.

Happy New Year!!!!!!
The kings arrive to give praise to our Lord!
What gifts will you give Jesus in the New Year?

Give a gift from the Heart.
We light the 4th candle.
Mary did you know?

Be watchful! Advent begins...

We are thankful in kindergarten. 
Sorted 125 pounds of candy with our Buddies and had lunch with our buddies!!!!

Halloween is almost here...whooooooo!

Snow on the rooftops!!!
Half way through October.

Our Holy Father Pope Francis is coming to America!!!
May God watch over him.

HFS Kindergarten 2015-16 is awesome, adorable, kind, creative, funny and off to a great start.
Thank you for entrusting your children to HFS.
God bless.

Let the countdown for the best year ever in kindergarten begin...

God bless....enjoy the summer.

Last day of May...on to fun-filled June!

May is half over...so sad!

Wow...the last days of April are upon us!
Seems like yesterday the children walked in to our room for the 1st time.

Thank you God for the Earth.
We will do our best to honor you by
caring for the Earth.

Oh, what a beautiful day, thank you God!

Happy Spring!

So much fun....
Lots of work and learning going on in K.

Happy March!
Dr. Seuss
St. Joseph

Good Morning,

The attachment is a  few days late but we will be doing this in kindergarten. I  thought you might like to see if it is something you could also do as a family for Lent.
Homework for tonight is to get a good nights sleep and come in tomorrow smiling and ready to go!

Hope you can get outside to play today!

Jesus is love.
Love one another...

Happy February
Love is...

Holy Family School is Out of This World!
Looking forward to a wonderful celebration of our school.

What does God call us to be?
Who does God call us to be?

The kings arrive to give praise to our Lord!
What gifts will you give Jesus in the New Year?

Doc likes to fix broken toys. 
We lit the pink candle on the Advent wreath.
We are remembering the reason for the season is Jesus.

We light the second candle of Advent.
Prepare your heart for the Savior of the World.

Be watchful!

Wow, we weighed, sorted and bagged 179lbs. of candy with our buddies!!!!
Thank you to all who donated.

Their disguised turkeys are fantastic!

Golly comes to kindergarten.
The saints go marching in..

Praying the Rosary together.
Fun with Oswald and odd animal creations.

St. Francis loved nature!
Fall Detectives in Kindergarten!
Fire Prevention Week

18 Days in Kindergarten !!!!!!!! 
Bless them and their families.
More fun and learning as we end September and begin October.

We love listening to books in kindergarten!
The first full week was very busy, we continue to learn the routine and make friends.
Our opening mass was beautiful! We sat with some of our 6th grade buddies.

HFS Kindergarten 2014-15 is awesome, fabulous and off to a great start.
Thank you for entrusting your children to HFS.

Countdown to kindergarten 2014-15 begins!!!!!!!
11 days!

Have a wonderful summer!

May flowers have arrived.
Life cycles of plant, butterfly and tadpole.


Thank you God, for the gift of your Son Jesus.

April showers bring May flowers!

The last week of March is already here.
Praying for some warmer weather.

Top of the morning to you!

Had so much fun with the 100 Days.
Happy March...countdown to Spring!
Lion or a Lamb?

Welcome back!
Is your light shining?

How many countries are competing in the Olympics?
Don't forget the HOOLEY on Saturday.

Do penguins and Polar bears live in the same places?

How will you be courageous and brave like Martin Luther King Jr.?

Hoping for a normal, no interruptions week!
We had soooo much fun eating, marshmallows, popcorn and rice with chop sticks on Friday...finished up our Superkids character Lily Ping.

Happy New Year!

Hello Kindergarten,

I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and some enjoyable family time.
I want to thank you for the kind Christmas wishes and your generous, thoughtful gifts.

Merry Christmas to all!

Be joyful...our wait is almost over!

Let the countdown begin!
Say a prayer of thanks each day that Mary said, "Yes" to God.

Welcome back! 
I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Hope you are all doing well.
Kindergarten has been in session for just over 50 days and we have grown so much.
We are very proud of everyone.
I am looking forward to meeting next week.
KIndergarten does not receive a report card until January but you will receive a progress report at conference.

How will you act like a Saint today?
Are you named after a saint?

Thanks for all you do and for entrusting your child to HFS.

Hold on to your hats it is Halloween Week!

Welcome back I hope you enjoyed the long weekend.
We are still Fall detectives.

Hope you have a wonderful week.
Picture Day on Tuesday.

Happy Fall to one and all!
Nice start to a new week.

Welcome to Holy Family Kindergarten! 
We are so happy to have you in our class.
Thank you for entrusting your children to our care.
Hoping for the best year ever... Go class of 2014!

Class of 2012-2013

Class of 2013
Thank you for a wonderful year. 
We will miss you so much.
Thanks for the memories.
Have a safe and wonderful summer.
Let your light shine!

Less than a month left together... so sad and so proud of all my little friends.

Happy May to all.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter.
He is Risen!  Alleluia!

Also a very "Hoppy" Easter and nice break.
Although it didn't seem much like spring.

April showers bring May flowers.
What do May flowers bring?
Tell me on Monday.

March has been very busy and flying by...
Palm Sunday is next weekend.
Spring is almost here.
Will March go out like a lion or a lamb?
Thanks for all you do!

Hope you all had a wonderful winter break.
See you all in the morning!
Lots of fun this week in K2.

What a winter!
We have loved learning about snow, ice, penguins, polar bears, hibernation 
and so much more!

Getting ready for...
100th Day
Valentine's Day

Happy New Year!
All is well and we had a nice start to the new year.
Working hard and gaining confidence in all areas.

Merry Christmas to all!
May the New Year bring peace, happiness and love to all.

Our hearts are broken and our prayers overflowing.
God bless the children, teachers and families in Newtown.

Prepare, Be Watchful, Waiting...Advent is here.
Can you give a "gift from the heart " each day?

Wishing you all a wonderful, delicious, family filled Thanksgiving.
We are thankful for your support, kindness and your beautiful children.
Thanks for all you do and for entrusting your child/children to HFS.

Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Papa

Happy November!
Busy, busy, busy.

Gain an hour...dark too early = tired friends
November Journals
Election Day - candidates, ballot, polling place, voting
Book Fair
Veteran's Day/Making cards

Candy sort and count
I am Thankful...
Thank you God
Pilgrims, Mayflower, Native Americans
Cornucopias/Still Life painting
Color words
K1, K2, K3 Feast
Happy Thanksgiving

Just to name a few...

Hello K2 Families,

I hope you are enjoying the calm before the storm!
It was nice to see so many of you at the Halloween party.

Our pilgrimage on Friday was wonderful and the children were also wonderful!
Fr. Prior celebrated mass in the beautiful chapel dedicated to St. Marianne, we saw her statue, a very nice video and each child received a blessing from Deacon with a St. Marianne relic. (a cross made from a tree near her grave) 

Reminder: On Monday your child may dress down for $1.00 if you wish to support the Backpack Project.

On Wednesday 10/31...
You may wear black and orange...no uniforms necessary.
Bring your costume in a bag. (no weapons, or big masks please)
Please keep things simple for changing purposes. We can help with simple makeup, etc.

10/31 Schedule:
Halloween Centers in the morning. Let us know if you would like to help 9:45-11a.m.(Virtus)
Halloween stories, face painting, pass the monster, bingo, spin the web and more.

Change into costumes after lunch.

Parade at 12:45p.m. All are welcome! 
The entire school will parade around the parking lot or gym depending on the weather.

Class party after the parade. Pumpkin cookies, cider and clementines and a treat bag.

If there will be a change in their dismissal routine, please send a note in the morning.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Papa

Here we go...another busy week.
Your children are wonderful!

Smile for the camera tomorrow!
October journals.
Missing Monster guided reader.

Fire Prevention Safety
Count and test your smoke detectors.
Practice 2 ways out!

Life cycle of a pumpkin.
Exploring pumpkins with our 5 senses.

Color words - red, yellow, green, blue
New words- God, Jesus, love, Mom, Dad, an, Nan
(practice writing, reading and spelling)

Math games and manipulatives, so creative!
1:1 counting, counting a group of objects.
Counting...please practice at home.

Field trip on Thursday...so excited!
Mass on Friday...uniforms and shoes...sneakers in bag.

Thanks for all you do.
Thanks for supporting the candy sale. 

God bless.

We are as busy as the squirrels in K2!
Thanks for all you do to have your child ready to go each day.
We are thoroughly enjoying each and every child, they all bring something different to the class.

In a nutshell, this week....

In religion, we will read God Believes In You and also talk about Blessed Mother Marianne Cope, and Jesus, our Friend,
We are trying to say a decade of the rosary each day.

Our Science table is getting full and we are noticing many new changes.

In Math we are exploring different manipulatives, shape blocks, teddy bears and linking cubes, counting up 1, and graphing.
Today we will see how many ways we can sort and graph shoes.

ELA is always busy, counting words in a sentence, letters and sight words. We started our October Journals and love writing practice on dry  erase boards.
We enjoy fiction and non-fiction literature every day.

We are trying to plan a trip to the pumpkin patch, will keep you posted.

Bring a bell to school on Thursday 10/11, we will be ringing in the "Year of Faith" at noon.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks for entrusting your child/children to HFS.

Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Papa 

Picture day is 10/16, uniforms not required, you choose your outfit !

Happy October!
We are Fall detectives in K2. On the lookout for signs of Fall to bring in to share in our Science table.
It is also the feast of St. Francis  (friend to the animals). 
If you have any old towels or blankets to donate, we will take them to the animal shelter.

We hope you had a wonderful, restful weekend.
Sister Alvera is visiting and telling the children about the Bible. She visits every Monday.
It was great to see so many of you at Meet the Teacher Night. 
If you were not able to attend, please let me know if you have any questions.
Also, please make sure your child is in the correct gym uniform, green Land's End shorts or sweatpants, gym shirt and sneakers.
This week we will  begin our Chef of the Week, each child will have a turn to be the Chef. When it is your child's turn we will send a list of ingredients for you to send in to school.
This week our theme is apples. Check back soon for more details.
Thanks for all you  do and for entrusting your child to HFS.
Enjoy your day. We are off to a great start today!
Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Papa

K2 Families,

Thursday is HFS Meet the Teacher Night!
6:30 - 8:00p.m.

Please assemble in the cafeteria first, then we will meet in our classroom. 
There will be 2 sessions of the same presentation to accommodate families with more than one child in our school.

If at all possible, would you try to come to 1st session?
If you are not able to attend I will send materials home on Friday.

Thanks for all you do and for entrusting your child/children to HFS.

Karen Sparkes

Great first week in K2. 
Everyone did a very nice job, despite the heat!
Thank you for having your child/children so well prepared to begin the year.

We will continue to practice our routines and transitions during our first full week.
Expect they will be very tired the next few weeks.

We are enjoying activities that help us get to know one another and some
cooperative activities that encourage working together. 
They love the "All About Me" bags.
Lots of books, hole punchers, dot art, movement, centers and fun.
So far, we have found the "Holy Family" in three places in our school.
Gym, music and computer were all hits! 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
We are looking forward to a wonderful year together.
Thank you for entrusting you child/children to HFS.

Hurray, hurray we are on our way!
Our kindergarten journey begins Wednesday.
See you in the morning, don't worry about a thing.
We will take good care of you and even sing.
Kindergarten will be so much fun.
You will work and pray and laugh and run.
Good night.
Sleep tight!

God Bless.



Hello K2,

Only 6 more days until kindergarten begins!

I hope you are excited to begin your next adventure.

Enjoy the last days of summer vacation.

Hope to see you at Welcoming Day.



July 2012

Dear Class of 2012-13,

 Welcome! We are looking forward to having you in our class in September! 

Here is a list of supplies you will need for school. We pool our supplies so only label your backpack. You may bring your supplies to Welcoming Day on Tuesday, September 4th (5:00-6:00pm), or during the first week of school. You will receive additional information in August. We can’t wait to see you!


    sturdy backpack                               3 sturdy plastic folders

2 boxes washable markers                    4 large glue sticks

2 low odor, dry erase markers                 3 boxes of crayons (8pack)

1 watercolor paints set (16colors)                1 bottle of hand sanitizer                      

2 boxes of (16 or24) crayons                  1 stamp pad (not black)

2 packages of wipes                           1 box thin markers

    1 box of tissues                                 1 roll of paper towels

T here is also a $30.00 fee. It covers special projects, parties, service projects,and their subscription to Weekly Reader. If paying by check, please make it payable to me.


Dear Parents,

Please take a few minutes to write us a letter about your child. Your letter will help us get to know your child a little better before we begin the year. Please return your letter and the “All About Me “ form to school by August 20th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school @ 487.8515 or email me at ksparkes@syrdiocese.org and I will get right back to you.

Enjoy your summer.

Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Papa

K2/Best Class Ever!

Have a safe and wonderful summer.
Thank you for a memorable year!

Parents, your support was unwavering and very much appreciated.
Thank you for entrusting your child to Holy Family School

Pray for long, lovely, sunny, summer days.
Remember Tony and all our servicemen and women in your prayers.
Be kind, patient, helpful and forgiving.

Read and/or write a little everyday.
You have grown so much this year.

Don't forget to say....
"This is the day the Lord has made,let us rejoice and be glad!"

God bless!
Believe in yourself!

Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Papa

Happy June to all.
Busy, busy, busy in K2.

Our rosaries have been blessed.
Butterflies released.
Wrote letters to Mary.
Time flying by...

The butterflies are here!
The tadpoles have arrived!
Our rosaries are beautiful!

May flowers are here!
It is our Blessed Mother Mary's month. 
In her honor each child will make rosary beads.

Happy Earth Day!
April showers today, will bring May flowers.
It was nice to see that so many families were able to make it to our 
1st "Fit for Faith" event. It was so much fun! 
Hope it will become an annual HFS event!

Hope you had a blessed Easter and wonderful break. Alleluia!

Happy April to you all!
It was so nice that so many were able to come to Look, Listen and Learn.
Thanks for all you do and for entrusting your child to Holy Family. 

It is just amazing to me that we are winding up the month of March!
Your children are wonderful and have made so much progress this year. 
I am sure you are very proud!
Thanks for all the help you give them at home, especially in reading.

Countdown to Spring
Lion or Lamb?
Lent -  How will you change your heart?
St. Patrick and St. Joseph
Green things!
Dipping strawberries with Mrs. Worden.
Rainbows and a pot of gold!
Irish dancers.

Welcome back! 
This week in K2...Lots to do!
Noah, rainbows and 40 days of Lent, Leap Day, Dr.Seuss, Read Across America, 
Guest readers, Mass on Friday.

Abraham Lincoln, Black History, Valentine's Day, 100th Day all this week in K2.

Happy Catholic Schools Week!
Incredible Catholic Education  "ICE"
Thank you for all you do to support your children and their
Catholic Education!

K2 Families...
Hope you are all staying warm now that it seems winter has finally arrived!
We have a busy next few weeks.
Our field trip to our new neighbor, Fairmount Animal Hospital, was a success and we have a visit on the 20th from OCCRA on recycling.
Catholic Schools Week will be here before you know it and report cards go home in early February.
Our Hooley, the major school fundraiser will be held on 2/11. Each class is asked to create a basket for the Silent Auction. If each family could donate $5-10, or whatever you wish, toward the basket it would help us create our Valentine theme basket. If you would like to contribute,please send your donation in by 1/24. Thank you.
K2 Families...

Thank you for all you do to help your child! 
Your encouragement is evident and much appreciated.
Reading tips for home practice.
Learning to read is a multi-step process and each child is in a different place. 
Remember, you can't make them learn faster, but you can help your child gain the confidence that they need to reach the next step.

It is critical to practice the letters, sounds,sight words and word families at home for just a few minutes each day. The "little books" are to reinforce the words and sounds we are learning in each unit. Ask questions as you read to check for comprehension.

Games and activities, as well as the computer reading sites may interest them more than pencil and paper tasks. Try to vary what you do each day. Practice at home should never be too frustrating or take over 15 minutes. They have already had a long day.
Please feel free to let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

K2 Families...

I hope your Christmas was all you wished for and more. 
I wish you health, happiness, hope and peace for the New Year!

Thank you for the wonderful, generous, thoughtful gifts, I appreciate your kindness.

Once again, your support of our "dress down" was exceptional, the hospital was thrilled with all their loot! Thank you!
God bless and thank you for entrusting your child to Holy Family and for all you do.


The kings have arrived after following the star!

Congratulations Kindergarten on a job well done at your Christmas concert!
I was very proud of you!

We had sooooo much fun today with Polar Express Day.
It was very interesting to hear what they would ask for if they were chosen to receive the first gift of Christmas from Santa.
They also each completed the sentence... At the North Pole I saw...

Our Christmas party will be Thursday afternoon around 12:45.
The children may wear red and /or green.
Dress down for Golisano Hospital "wish list" on Friday.

We will try to keep a lid on things this week as the anticipation grows!
Normal routine as much as possible.

We will use pennies to buy ornaments for our tree.
Review and practice unit 2 in reading.
Find the North Pole on the map.
Finish up secret projects.
Discover symmetry.
Finish up our unit on Creation.
Light the 4th candle of Advent.
Visit our buddies.

No homework this week, just read Christmas books!

Thanks for all you do!

Hello all,

Busy weeks ahead, but we will try to focus on the reason for the season, Jesus.

Last week we decorated place mats and with K1 and K3 made 240 treat bags for the Samaritan Center.
This week we will make sandwiches for the Oxford Inn.

Talk with your child about how we can let our light shine this Advent season and all year long as we await the birth of the "Light of the World."

Mass at 6:00p.m. on Monday.
12/6- St. Nicholas day
We will shop at "Little Shoppers" on Wednesday from 8:30-9:15.
Mass on Thursday, 12/8.

Concert 12/15 @ 6:30.

Polar Express Day will be on Friday, Dec. 16th. More details soon.
SHHHH...haven't told the children yet!


Make a list of words that begin with M.
Practice writing Mm, Tt, Ss, Dd
Read everyday!

Practice with pennies.

Make a list of opposites.

Bring Christmas books to share.

Recipes due by Friday.

Thanks for all you do!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

 K2 News!

K2 friends loved preparing for our feast with K1 and K3.

The food was delicious and they looked adorable!

We have so much to be thankful for everyday.

Thank you for all you do and for entrusting your child to HFS.

I enjoyed talking with you at conferences but want you to know if you ever have a question or concern, please let me know.

Thank you for all the food donated to the pantry. Over 1300 items were donated! Kindergarten also sent over 600 treat bags to the pantry and 120 to Oxford Inn.

Reminders: Tomorrow is picture retake; if you are trying again you can bring your gym clothes and change for gym.

Mass on Friday 12/2, please wear sneakers and regular school uniforms.

Mass on 12/5 at the Cathedral with Bishop Cunningham @ 6:00p.m.

Little Shoppers next week.

The next few weeks will be busy but we in K2 will focus on the true reason for the season...the birth of Jesus.

We will be lighting Advent candles each week and discussing how we will get our hearts ready to welcome Jesus.

FYI...the children do not have a gift exchange at Christmas.

More to come!

Mrs. Sparkes and Mrs. Papa










Hello K2 Families

Hope all is well. 

We are enjoying the bonus weather, run, run, run  and then run some more.

We loved voting and are making cards for the veterans.

The maps are great and the lists are very interesting. Thanks for helping them.

So far we have collected 4 bins of candy for our project.
We will make more treat bags soon.

We could use treat size plastic bags if you have any to spare.

Next week we will be doing more assessments and getting ready for our Thanksgiving celebration.
We will learn about the Pilgrims and make some corn bread, cranberry sauce and butter to share with K1 and K3.

Lots going on...

Looking forward to our conferences. We just love our class!

Welcome to K-2!
We are happy,curious, silly, friendly, faith filled children, who love to learn!

This week we are getting ready for Halloween and learning all about pumpkins, bats and spiders.

In religion we are using our 5 senses in God's world, learning about saints and thanking God for all the gifts he has given to us

We are writing in our journals about fall, pumpkins and Halloween.

We love reading books in K2 and have learned to read some sight words all by ourselves.

Rhyming games are so much fun and we get better everyday.

We are looking forward to mass with our "buddies " and carving pumpkins together.

Our science table has seen lots of action with all our "Fall Detective" clues.
Hope to see you at the parade.

Thanks for all you do!