Welcome to Music Class!

Welcome to the music classroom!  It is my hope that music class is a place for both fun and learning for all the students at Holy Family School. My goal is to help students to develop an understanding of music that goes beyond just singing.  In music classes we use our voices, instruments, movement, and play to work on our understanding of beat, rhythm, pitch, form, musical symbols, etc. 

Beginning in Pre-k and through all the grades we work with Kodály rhythm syllables (ti-ti, tah, etc.) to help us read rhythms.  By using these syllables we can figure out how a rhythm sounds and how to play or sing it.  To learn pitch relationships we use solfege syllables (Do, Re, Mi) as a tool.  By learning to hear how one solfege pitch relates to another, students build a foundation for reading notes.  As we work to develop our singing voices we also spend time discussing and practicing how to act and perform as a choir that works together, follows a conductor, and uses proper stage behavior.

As students progress through the Holy Family music program it is my goal that they will become increasingly comfortable with Orff Shulwerk instruments and will be able to accompany themselves and create their own music through composition and improvisation.  Music should be fun for everyone and in my music class it is my hope that there is something for every child.  Happy music making!

Notes from Mrs. Medicis


God bless you and your family this summer!  I look forward to seeing everyone again in the Fall!  Keep singing!