Message from Mrs. Rachfal

Health Screenings
Holy Family School supports your student's academic success by promoting health in the school setting.  One way that we provide care for your student is by performing the health screenings as mandated by the State of New York. The new regulations health related screening as of July 1, 2018 :
  • Vision screening for distance and near vision acuity for students in Kindergarten, Grades 1, 3 and 5.  In addition color perception screening for all newly entering students.
  • Hearing screening is completed in Kindergarten, Grades 1, 3. and 5.
  • Scoliosis is completed for Grade 5 girls only.
  • Health Examination  is required for all newly entering students and when students enter Prekindergarten,  Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 5.  This physical should be completed up to one year prior the first day of school. The examination must be completed by a New York State licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner and on the approved NYSED Student Health Examination Form for School. 
  • A dental certificate is requested for all newly entering students and students entering Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 3 and Grade 5 .
If there are any unusual findings or cause for concern you will be contacted.

If your child plans on participating in the Holy Family School basketball program a health examination is required prior to first practice.   

A Good Start
Please give your child a good start by making sure that he or she is eating a good breakfast.
Children that eat breakfast do much better academically.

Illness at Home and School
A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school and is likely to spread the illness to other children and staff.  We suggest making a plan for childcare ahead of time so you will not be caught without a comforting place for your child to stay if he/she is ill.  If your child has a fever, is vomiting or feels sick in the morning or during the night, please keep him/her at home.

Some reasons to keep your child home include:
  • Fever of 100 or higher (without medication) in past 24 hours
  • Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • Eyes red with drainage or crusting
  • Strep throat ( must have been taking antibiotic for at least 24 hours before returning to school)
  • Bad cold, with a very runny nose or bad cough, especially if it has kept the child awake at night

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