Fall 2012

I thought I would address the topic of ANGER in the Counselor's Corner. It is a topic that frequently comes up in my conversations with parents and in my groups with the children.

ANGER is neither right nor wrong. It is how we express anger that can be right or wrong.

The children are taught that there are three rules to be followed when expressing anger..

1.  You cannot hurt yourself.  That means no put downs(I'm dumb, nobody likes me, I hate my life etc.).

2.   You cannot hurt others by your words or actions( no name calling, saying "I hate you," kicking, hitting, pushing, etc.).

3. You cannot damage property or belongings. No throwing,slamming doors, breaking things, or destroying items.

SO, what can I do when I am angry? 

The children come up with ideas of ways to release their anger that are acceptable.  Some of their suggestions include:

- Play outside(basketball, soccer, throw a football, play on swings, ride your bike)

-Create a chill out area where you can go and calm down. You can have books, legos, music, journal, art supplies, puzzles,  or other items which will distract you until you have "chilled."


-Dance or listen to music

-Take a bubble bath

The children are very creative and can come up with many ideas to help themselves express anger in a safe and acceptable way.

It is also important for children to know the 3 STEP PROCESS for resolving problems.

1.  STOP  - The children should imagine a stop sign. At the first hint of anger or frustration, they should stop and share the problem with an adult or friend.

2.  THINK -
Brainstorm a list of possible options. Each solution should be evaluated and the child decide if this solution will help or hurt them, others or property. What are the good things or bad things that might happen if this solution is chosen?

3. GO -  Select the solution that is helpful, safe and likely to have a positive outcome.

Let's practice releasing anger in appropriate ways and see if our homes and school are more peace filled and happier places.

God Bless,
Mrs. Pesci

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