Synthethic Nature

Product Design, Development and Manufacturing.

a brand X designs entity. 

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Synthetic Nature represents one facet of the freelance work that is Christopher Keller.

Christopher has spent most of his life fascinated with the virtual world, creating digital imagery and digital objects. With 30+ years of experience with computers and programming, and an extensive knowledge of CAD and Computer Graphics, has culminated in a design career developing high quality products, emphasizing high end, digital surfacing for product and automotive applications.

Christopher earned a BFA Industrial Design from the University of Washington in Seattle, and  has worked with many world class design teams around the world bringing award winning products to market. He has worked closely with flowtoys to help them develop an entire line of high-end props for LED based "fire-dancing". check them out at - flowlight

Projects Christopher has worked on have been featured in major publications.  Some of these publications include:

  • Wired Magazine, Mar. 2006 issue: Celestron "Skyscout"
  • Forza magazine for his work on the Ferrari concept hybrid vehicle code-named "Ibrido".
  • iVT magazine (industrial Vehicle Technology) for the John Deere Skid Steer Loader 
  • Products have also been featured in Esquire, Maximum PC, and other publications.

His professional practice is maintained in the greater Chicago area; however, he is connected, virtually, to his development partners around the globe.