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After a year of slavery in the R&D department, PROLINE is finally ready to
unveil our most progressive line of Wakeboard and Water-Ski specific handles
and mainlines. Each year at PROLINE we use the latest technology to develop
the most innovative line of products in the rope industry. We used every available resource to design this year’s line with input from our reps, pro riders, pro skiers, grassroots riders, grassroots skiers dealers, distributors, and of course our own engineers. The result is line of wakeboard and water-ski specific handles and mainlines that has something to offer every level and style of rider or skier. This includes:

The most innovative, and diverse wakeboard specific grips and mainlines to
make your progression easier with new patent pending innovation.

Pro Tour level water-ski specific bridles and mainlines BUILT FOR TOURNAMENT

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Welcome to PROLINE Rope Technology.