The Seagull

The only thing worse than being made a wizard is to be born a wizard.

The mage’s Arts came to Phaz at birth. His father Zam is the wizard guardian of the great desert Hethria. His mother Sellithar was a Crown Princess.  The rulers of mighty Assharral want him to inherit their empire. What choices are left to him?

Especially with a family who fear that evil is his natural bent?

He could always run. But just to help things along, Phaz has an Art of his own, that offers glimpses of the future. Run or stay, his is not where you’d want to end up.

The Seagull is about voyages, in the world and in the heart.  About parents and children, and the very different connections family ties can mean.

  Available as an ebook on Kindle with a free sample.  Or download the first two chapters in PDF format below.

Sylvia Kelso,
Jul 2, 2013, 6:02 PM