The Red Country

Introducing the princess, and the mage.

He doesn’t do well with people.
She's not so good at tact.
But he’s the wizard guardian of half a continent,
She rules a kingdom she must protect.
And to survive the inroads of a marauding empire,
The wild, harsh, fickle, fragile, beautiful desert of Hethria needs them both.

She knows tactics. He understands reality.
They both love Hethria.
But what if, to keep the thing you love
You have to change yourself?

 Some wars you just can't win alone.

The third in the Everran series starts a little time after the first two, and I still think of it as one my lighter novels. The protagonist certainly gave me some fun along the road. This was originally also the third of my beautiful Tim Lantz covers; the others are Amberlight and Riversend.

Available in e-form from Book View Cafe and currently, as a Kindle book.
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