Everran's Bane

Why has the dragon come?

The kingdom of Everran is dying, razed by a dragon that came out of nowhere to burn its oil groves and devastate its vineyards and kill its folk. Legend says, a dragon’s coming always has a cause. But what has Everran ever done to earn a curse?

What does the dragon know?

One man knows the riddle’s answer. No man knows that answer’s cost.

My first fantasy novel, and the first novel I had published; like Amberlight, a series instigator. My fantasy writing began one day in the shower, with the first sentence of Everran's Bane: "Nobody knows where the dragon came from..." But I was soon finding out. One of my most fascinating, and occasionally infuriating heroes, who would hardly ever do as he was told.

Still available as an ebook, from  Smashwords.