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The Solitaire Ghost


Kelso (Source) makes a promising start to her Blackston Gold paranormal romantic suspense series, introducing several wonderfully rich characters.
-Publishers Weekly

Kelso has constructed a detailed plot which will quickly draw most readers in, with both an intriguing conspiracy and a convincing ghost/time travel story which avoids the common pitfalls of time travel plots without getting too convoluted.
The characters are strong and individual, and Kelso does well to give vivid life to both a woman of our time and a man from the past. Both are believable, particularly Dorian, who is surrounded by friends who are also well characterised and who give her extra dimensions.  At the same time, the plot involving the megacorp well and truly grounds the plot in issues we’re familiar with.
The Solitaire Ghost offers strong and interesting characters, an intriguing and involving plot, and credible world building. If you read this, you’ll almost certainly want to read the sequel. -Loraine Cormack, As-If