This is the main page for the contemporary fantasy duology The  Solitaire Ghost and The Time Seam.

As published, Blackston Gold covers in two parts what was originally The Solitaire Ghost - my first contemporary fantasy. A story that started with a ghost walking out of the floor of a lift/elevator, and which took me places I never expected. Available right now from Five Star Books.
Dorian Wild has a car, a good apartment, a junior partnership in a law firm, and a solid relationship. Then a seeming ghost walks out of an elevator floor, and rebalances a miner’s panning dish on top of her head.

Suddenly Dorian Wild also has danger, tragedy, mystery, break-ins, mayhem, an unscrupulous megacorp on her trail, and a whole new concept of reality. Especially when it involves a nineteenth-century Irish activist called Jimmy Keenighan, and a  tangle of gold-mines old and new, dangers past and present, deceit, death and violence, that centers on the town of Blackston, with its once rich and still potentially viable goldfields, and the great mine called the Solitaire.