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The following information is relevant to course participants from the Archdiocese of Melbourne only

If you work in another Catholic School Diocese, or in another school system, please select an option from the "My Diocese" menu above.
Course Contact
Sharon Armstrong
03 92670476
Dean Carmody
03 92670330

Course Dates - 2015
The Online Web 2.0 Course will be available for registration early Term 1.

How to register for the Course
The 2015  course for  teachers in the Archdiocese of Melbourne  will be advertised via IPLS.  Participants will need to register for the course  through the IPLS process.

A few important points to note when enrolling:
  • The Activity name is:      ICON: Web 2.0 Online Course
  • The course codes is:      ELJ 111 A 

Completion of the course will give 20 hours accreditation with the Victorian Institute of Teaching

Course Expectations
Course Participants are expected to:

One:     Complete the activities in each module
Two:     Create a blog which has a posting for each of the ten modules.
Three:  Post comments on the blogs of other course participants.
Four:    Submit a final course reflection via a Google Form. 

Accessing Web 2.0 tools

In order to be able to complete the course, participants will need access to the following WEB 2.0 tools:

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Plus
  • Gmail
  • Global2, Blogger or another blogging tool
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • iTunes
  • Picasa

If you intend to use these tools at school, you are advised to contact your school’s network administrator /ICT coordinator to ensure that you have access.

Additional Information

  • There are several references to Atomic Learning during the course.  This is a subscription service, which may not be available at your school. Participants may use google search or YouTube tutorial videos to support their learning. 
  • A Twitter # has been created to allow participants the opportunity to connect: #ceomweb2
  • For additional support on blogging go to CEVN/ICON/School Support/Professional Learning Modules/Blogging
  • To access Scootle you will need to know your “C” number
  • The course works with Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Occasionally you might need to try other browsers in order to access some course content.

Final Course Reflection

Participants will need to ensure that they complete the MELBOURNE reflection form on completion of the course. 

We look forward to working and learning with you in 2014

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the course convenor.

LATEST NEWS - From Melbourne

Welcome to 2014 Course Participants
Good luck on your learning journey

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Don't forget to comment on other Blogs after adding your own to the Blog Roll below.
Anything to say? connect via Twitter @ceomweb2 or #ceomweb2 to join the conversation

Connect with your colleagues

ICON: Integrated Catholic Online Network 
ICON will enable school leaders, teachers and staff to collaborate and bring about new ways of working to optimise student learning outcomes. The ICON Executive Mandate outlines the key drivers underpinning the ICON Initiative. 
The Web2.0 course supports staff in schools to investigate and effectively use existing and emerging technologies to optimise learning. 

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