Our Learning Principles

Villa Maria Catholic Primary School is a both a House of Mary and a House of Learning, where together we:

Live - Being enlivened by Gospel values, through appreciating and valuing each other.

Learn - Sharing our life and learning experiences and promoting partnerships between home, school, parish and community.

Shine - Collaborating with others for the good of all through recognising and celebrating our own achievements and the achievements of the wider school community.

This vision for learning is underpinned by our six learning principles which guides our school community towards the implementation and achievement of successful and effective practices. They include the:

Strong Foundations Principle - we help children to develop their faith by embedding the Gospel values into all areas of school life, developing an awareness of Jesus Christ and encouraging them to become independent learners.

Thinking Principle - we help the children to develop an awareness of how they think, creatively and critically.

I Am Unique Principle - we value that every child has different learning abilities and styles and we provide the opportunity for each child to shine and achieve their full potential.

Working Together Principle - we provide opportunities for all members of the school community to be part of the learning process and to work cooperatively and collaboratively with one another, no matter what our differences are.

Making the World a Better Place Principle - we believe that we can make a difference to the world around us and we help children to develop their environmental awareness and promote lifelong learning skills.

Technology Principle - we believe that technology is at the core of 21st century education and we provide access to the use of these various tools to enhance creativity and extend learning opportunities.