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Yr 6 Retreat - By Isabella G (Yr 6)

posted 17 Aug 2017, 04:28 by Michelle Virgona
Trees, bees, flowers and sun. 
All together, together as one. 

First we prayed then meditated, 
I'm so glad that today I attended. 

Happiness, joy and all things nice. 
Today's so hot we might need ice. 

We ate, then drew and adventured about, 
Now we wait for pizza to come to our mouths. 

We relax while draw, write and colour, 
Now everyone's away from each other. 

The teachers are the best for taking us out, 
No one today has been caught with a pout. 

Sure I rhyme but let me stop there, 
Because I have a few things I need share. 

I am grateful for today, that I got to share this experience with the grade of year 6 as we are going to high school next year. 
I am grateful that the teachers have taken the time to plan our retreat and give us the chance and experience of bonding with each other. 
I am grateful that our school parish has beautiful grounds that go for miles! 
I’m grateful that I was born and sent to Villa Maria where I have made cherished friends, that I have already experienced so much on this Earth. 
I am grateful that my parents have taken me with them on their travels to inter state. 
I am grateful that my family and friends love me. 
I am grateful for life.