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Year 4 Retreat to Mary MacKillop Place

posted 20 Sep 2017, 22:56 by Michelle Virgona   [ updated 20 Sep 2017, 23:05 ]
‘Never see a need without doing something about it.’

On the 19th September 2017, Year 4 went on a retreat to Mary MacKillop place. The Year 4 teachers, Mr Modini, Mrs Best and Miss Virgona, and our Learning Assistants, Mrs Calleja and Mrs Oliveri organised and came with us. We’d like to share with you what we did and learnt on the day.

We travelled by bus to North Sydney and when we arrived we were greeted by Sr Niesha . We found out that she travelled to Rome when Mary MacKillop became a saint in 2010. Some special volunteers guided us through the museum and told us about Mary MacKillop’s life.

We learnt how special Mary was because she is the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph and helped Fr Woods start a Catholic school in South Australia. We visited where she lived in Sydney. This is called Alma Cottage. We even got to see the place where she passed away. Mary MacKillop liked looking out the windows of the cottage towards the harbour because it was so peaceful. In the museum, there were many glass boxes that held objects from the past and were used by Mary MacKillop and other people she knew. For example her inkwell and pen. We even got to pray around her tomb.

Finally Fr Kevin met us and said mass in the chapel. During his homily we gathered around the keyboard and he sang us a song he wrote about Mary MacKillop. We had communion and noticed that other people joined us.

We all had an enjoyable day. We each took some time to pray, reflect and talk to
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. When she was alive she showed compassion by helping the poor to be educated. She is our first Australian Saint and we can always count on her.

Written by Sabina and Ambar Yr 4