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Year 4 Excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens

posted 18 May 2018, 13:48 by Michelle Virgona
On Monday Year 4 went on an amazing excursion to the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was such a fascinating place to visit because not only did we learn about plants but we also learnt about early European settlement. At 9:00am the bus came to pick us up which took about 45 minutes to get to the gardens. When we got there we had a snack and met our tour guides Jack and Nicola. One of our first activities was to play a game called “Protect the Boomerangs”. After that we heard how the Aboriginals lived during the Mega Fauna period where kangaroos stood three meters tall. We also talked about what the Aboriginals said and did when they saw the Europeans for the first time. After that we went with Nicola and we talked about what was it like on the First Fleet and what they wore. 

After lunch we all went to visit the “Calyx” which is the biggest green planted wall in Australia. It was humungous and colourful with a fantastic smell about it. We also looked at other plants and got to pick a leaf and smell it. We then had a short play before the bus came to take us back to school. I think going to the Botanical Gardens was a great idea because I learnt so much. I loved it! 
Written by Lucy (4B)