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World Environment Day United Nations Pollution Forum

posted 22 Jun 2017, 14:48 by Michelle Virgona
Last Friday, Amy B, Jonah A, Alex R and Talia S from the senior environmental team, went to the World Environment Day United Nations Pollution Forum held at Lane Cove Council. We were asked to prepare a presentation from the perspective of a nominated United Nations country. Villa Maria represented Brazil and other schools represented China, India, Kenya and Mexico. We had to research a current pollution issue in Brazil, outline the issue and suggest ways that the country can resolve it. We chose to concentrate on deforestation - a huge problem in Brazil. The mayor of Lane Cove, Deborah Hutchens was there and judged everyone's presentations and speeches. We enjoyed it very much. Every school was a winner and we all got a big book about gardening, which will be very useful for our Villa Veggie Patch. 
By Jonah Environment Leader