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Visit to St Anne's Nursing Home

posted 15 May 2014, 03:24 by Michelle Virgona
On Monday twelve Year Six students and their Kindergarten buddies walked to St Anne’s Nursing Home to visit
the elderly people. The Kindergarten children sang a song for the people. We all had lovely discussions with the residents of the nursing home and the visit went too quickly. It was wonderful meeting lots of different people. I remember one
person, a gentleman from Poland, who fought in World War 2 , he was the aeroplane pilot. The shrapnel from the bombs went into his eyes so he found it difficult to see. There was another lady who was 103 years old and she was very well and in good spirits. She had rainbow glasses and my buddy noticed them and he said, “Wow, you have pretty glasses” The lady
was delighted to hear this. On the way back to school, my buddy said to me, ”That was really fun, can we go again?”. I felt
the same way. The residents were very interesting and it was a good outing for us all. By Imogen (6W)