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Villa STEM Week

posted 30 Jul 2017, 13:55 by Michelle Virgona   [ updated 30 Jul 2017, 13:56 ]
S….T….E….M spells stem. Stem usually refers to the main body or stalk from a plant or shrub, however in the education world there is a different meaning. STEM is an acronym that refers to the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. This integrated approach to learning allows students to apply, deepen and develop their skills in these areas in an authentic context, encouraging them to be critical and creative when inquiring and problem solving. At Villa Maria we have decided to combine our biannual Maths and Science Weeks to celebrate STEM week. 

During this week we will be promoting the connection between Maths and Science by engaging kids in some STEM activities appropriate to each Stage of learning. They will also hear how STEM is used in literacy when hearing and discussing stories that have a Maths and Science basis. Next Thursday and Friday, World of Maths Roadshow will once again be visiting our school. Students will gain insight into problem solving and will work in teams on various maths (and scientific) principles which are part of their curriculum this term. Kinder and Year 3 students will also get either an Infant language card or a Primary language card to support you at home and be aware of some of the language that is used at school when assisting your children. Finally all classes will be set a STEM Challenge homework task - design and make a fidget spinner. This is not compulsory, however it will be a fun task to get involved in with your kids.