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Praying the Angelus at Villa

posted 2 Apr 2015, 16:08 by Michelle Virgona
As Villa Maria begins to pray the Angelus each day at 12 noon, please reflect on this message from Archbishop Anthony Fisher:

Prayer is at the heart of the Christian life. It opens us to the presence and activity of God in our lives and helps us to discern and follow the will of God. A prayer of particular significance within the Christian Tradition is the Angelus. 

The Angelus is an ancient prayer recalling the events of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would conceive by the Holy Spirit and become the mother of God. The prayer honours Mary’s great ‘yes’ to God; offered humbly, faithfully and obediently. Through this prayer we reflect upon and celebrate the great mystery of God sharing in our humanity, becoming one of us in the person of Jesus. The Angelus is usually said at noon each day. Bells are customarily rung to encourage people to stop work, if only for a few moments, and reflect upon God’s gifts to us and our own ‘yes’ to God.

I wish to invite all those in our Sydney Catholic school and office communities to join with me in pausing each day to pray the Angelus. With 100,000 of us praying together each day it will be a wonderful act of solidarity and communion.