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Living the Kokoda Memory

posted 12 May 2017, 22:31 by Michelle Virgona
Well done to Mr Modini on who ventured back to participate in his second Kokoda Trail Trek. Here are some words from the man himself...

"This year marked the 75th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign and the significant ba.ttles fought in Papua New Guinea. Having had the privilege to walk the Kokoda Trail with my daughter Catherine and son Chris in 2015 we once again put on our boots for this challenge of a lifetime. The trek was in memory of my father Vince, who served with the 53rd Infantry during the Second World War on the Kokoda Trail. We headed off for PNG on Good Friday and began our ten day trek on Easter Saturday. There was a sense of anxiety and questions running through our heads as to why are we were putting our bodies through this gruelling challenge once again. There were 29 members within our group from Canada Bay, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia of which eighteen were returning for their second time and one for his third trek. Our group was led by Charlie Lynn, who was beginning his 84th Kokoda trek. If we thought that our second trek would be easier we were quickly shocked into reality at the 4:30am wake ups, rain, mud, tree roots, hills and snakes, which made it as hard as before. Walking the 176kms was the hardest physical challenge I have ever faced, but the most rewarding and emotional experience of my life. Having Catherine and Chris as my companions not once but twice was fantastic and to walk in the footsteps of my Dad and their Grandfather is a memory that will live with us forever."