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Holy Week and Easter

posted 27 Mar 2016, 01:30 by Michelle Virgona   [ updated 27 Mar 2016, 01:37 ]

Holy Week is the lead up to the most important feast of the Church Year. The purpose of Holy Week is to relive and participate in the Passion of Jesus Christ. 

The days of Holy Week are:
  • Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday), the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem.
  • Holy Thursday (or Maundy Thursday), the institution of Communion and the betrayal by Judas.
  • Good Friday, the arrest, trial, crucifixion, death and burial of Jesus Christ.
  • Holy Saturday, the Sabbath on which Jesus rested in the grave.
  • Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus rose from the dead.
Take the time this Easter to pray with your family...

Catholic Easter Prayer
Lord, the resurrection of Your Son
has given us new life and renewed hope.
Help us to live as new people
in pursuit of the Christian ideal.
Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,
the will to want to do it,
the courage to undertake it,
the perseverance to continue to do it,
and the strength to complete it.

Easter is above all a time of hope. Jesus has overcome death, overcome all ultimate failure, and is risen from the dead. That is why we need to not only believe but proclaim the Resurrection everywhere both through our words and with the witness and testimony of our lives. Christ has risen, Alleluia! Blessings for a happy and holy Easter.