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Feast of the Assumption

posted 17 Aug 2017, 04:31 by Michelle Virgona
On Tuesday 15 August the school celebrated the Feast of the Assumption. The Feast of the Assumption is the main celebration of Mary's life and ministry. God assumed Mary into heaven, Catholics believe, because of Mary's special relationship with God. All of Mary's roles - Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Lady of Sorrows - are tied in with her position in heaven, guiding, watching, and caring for God's children. 

On this Feast of the Assumption of Mary we gathered to give thanks and praise for her grace-filled and blessed life as we celebrated her crowning glory in her assumption into heaven. Mary is a woman who is one of our own- human in every way; a woman who through her openness and trust in God enabled God’s will to be fulfilled in the most extraordinary way. Mary is more than a model of what is possible in relationship with God, she is our hope and our promise of what God can do in our own lives if we but trust and believe. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.