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Earth Hour

posted 23 Mar 2017, 19:50 by Michelle Virgona
This Saturday is Earth Hour. Villa Maria held their own Earth hour campaign by switching off the lights and all other electrical sources from 2:00-3:00pm. The following is an article written by our Year 6 students, Jonah, Isaac, Ava, Amy and Elisa, whom attended a special Earth Hour breakfast...

On Tuesday 21st March five year 6 students were very lucky to attend an Earth Hour Breakfast at St Ignatius College. We listened to inspirational speakers who provided us with vital information and ideas to help protect our environment, while delivering a clear message that students can make a difference. We saw the Sun Racer solar car designed by UNSW engineering students and walked through the Ocean Action Pod learning about some very important facts. Did you know that NSW will initiate “Cash for Containers” system this year? Did you know that 3.5 trillion cigarette butts were dumped into the ocean, plus it takes 5 years for 1 cigarette butt to dissolve? The solar car had to be the coolest considering it’s speed was 142 kilometres per hour. Lynn McLoughlin, a Lane Cove local hero has fought Lane Cove council to plant plenty of trees and made a “park” full of trees. It was a fun morning and we even got to meet some past Villa Students who are still helping the environment. Just a reminder to all families that Earth Hour begins Saturday 25th at 8.30pm. We will participate in Earth Hour here at school on Friday. Come on Villa we must look after our planet.