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Dr Dan Q & A - By Beth and Scarlett (Yr 6)

posted 17 Aug 2017, 04:25 by Michelle Virgona   [ updated 17 Aug 2017, 04:28 ]
Dr Dan White, the Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, looks after 152 school across the Sydney Archdiocese, including Villa Maria. On Thursday 10 August, he came to visit our school and tell us all about his life’s work, how he is inspired by God and Jesus. He visited Year 6 and we took part in Q & A session about what he does and what led him to where he is now. 

Our first question for Dr Dan was: 
“What is the best thing about working in a Catholic organisation?” 
“Having the ability to nurture my faith through work and being able to make a difference in the lives of those in Sydney Catholic Schools.” Dr Dan replied by speaking strongly about his faith. He mentioned the uniqueness of his working space; having a chapel in his office and being able to pray; and celebrating important events as a Catholic. 

Another question was: 
“Name one word to describe working with 152 schools?” 
“An adventure.“ He told us that visiting other schools allows him to see the diversity between them. He noted that it's 99% fun and 1% hard work. He also told us “It's always new and exciting, I love teaching children and adults about religion.” 

We also asked:
“How did you get where you are today?” 
“I never thought this would be my job. I always wanted to be a principal and when I became one, I realised I had a passion and a talent for teaching religion”. Dr Dan then started speaking to us about the stages from a religion teacher to an Executive Director and he mentioned where he is now is due to 5 things: passion, talent, hard work, effort and commitment. These five essential qualities helped him to realise what he wanted to do in life. 

The next query was: 
“Have you ever visited Catholic schools in other countries?” 
"My favourite place I have visited for my job is Scotland. We’ve started to use some of their ideas in our schools like the Pope Francis Award.” He then explained how he sometimes visited other countries to see how they were run and how we could use some of their systems in our schools. “We mutually learn from other and make our schools better than they are.” 

Our final question was: 
“Why do you do your job?” 
Dr. Dan spoke about making sure every person out there will go to heaven. He believes he can achieve this by speaking about his faith and telling people about God. He clearly stated that he believes everyone should have a faithful and strong connection with Jesus. “It's my job to make sure everyone gets to heaven and has a faithful relationship with God and Jesus.” 

We all enjoyed Dr Dan’s visit and we all loved meeting this truly inspiring man. If you want to learn more about Dr. Dan. click this link: