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posted 26 Mar 2018, 03:12 by Michelle Virgona
Wednesday 21st March was the 10th annual Earth Hour Breakfast at St Ignatius’ College, Riverview. I was lucky to attend with Isabella R, Olivia J and Anthony M. The first speaker was Peter Bruce from “Exchange for Change” and the most notable thing he talked about was the new reverse vending machines and how they work. Firstly, you drop a bottle in through a hole and then the machine scans how many bottles there are. Next, the machine will pay you depending on how many bottles or items there are. This method ensures that your items will be recycled. The next speaker was Georgia Mckenzie from “Pollinate Energy”, a company which is based in Australia and India. “Pollinate Energy” produce solar lights because in some parts of India electricity is scarce, so many people use harmful propane lamps. When the lamps burn, they release toxic gases, which are dangerous to the environment, “Pollinate Energy” gave these new solar lights to people so they would stop using the lamps. There was also a speaker from Climate Justice and she talked about how she wants all schools to have solar panels and to be “repowered”.

By Bryce K (Environment Leader)