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posted 8 Jun 2018, 05:09 by Michelle Virgona   [ updated 8 Jun 2018, 05:09 ]
Congratulations to the Year 6 students who made their confirmation this week. Thank you to the teachers and Parish Sacramental Team for all their help in preparing the children. A special thanks to Bishop Brady and Fr Kevin. Now please have a read at what the children got up to on their Confirmation Retreat Day...

Last week while all of Villa Maria were learning how to multiply two-digit numbers, Year 6 were relaxing at the Parish Hall... ha, ha!

We started off the day with a Parish mass in our local Holy Name of Mary Church. But during mass everyone secretly wanted to curl up in front of a fire, it was really, really, really, cold!!!! After our mass we went to the church hall to take part in a fun role play with a lady from Catholic Mission. It was about poverty and how families have to fight for such little things. Year 6 turned into a pack hyenas when tic tacs were being used as medicine. She also presented a slideshow with us that was about child poverty like the role play, which even the teachers took part in.

The Bishop talked to use about what being confirmed should mean to use and we were allowed to ask him questions about his life and what would happen on the night he confirmed us. We then separated in three large groups and went in a cycle of activities (Heidi and I were in the same group so we saw each other on Confirmation night). In between everything we had a few food breaks where we could eat the delicious sausage sizzle served by the helpful dads. 

The group activities were making cookies, practicing our Confirmation Mass, going to see St Peter Chanel's chapel and some meditation in the hall. When we finally made the cookies all the kids wanted to eat the cookies and not sell them at mass and at school, but the money raised would be donated to Catholic Mission so they wouldn't need to fight over tic tacs. 

Year 5 really don't know what's coming next year at the Retreat Day. They should definitely look forward to a completely new day of fun. The whole of Year 6 are so excited to have their confirmation and are so grateful for the parents and teachers to take their time to help us celebrate our Confirmation. It was so amazing!

By Arabella and Heidi (Yr 6)