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CaSPA Review

posted 7 Sep 2017, 01:22 by Michelle Virgona
My name is Charlotte. I am in Year 6 and I am going to share my story with you about my life at CaSPA 2017.

This was my first year participating in CaSPA. But hold on, you might be wondering what is CaSPA? CaSPA stands for Catholic Schools Performing Arts. In CaSPA you can either do Dance , Drama , Voice or Music. To get into CaSPA you need to audition. My first audition for CaSPA Live was in Term 4, 2016. It was really fun, nerve-racking and also very hard. I had to compete against really cool and talented people, that in the end I got to work with and became great friends with.

A few weeks had gone by and I received an email from the CaSPA team saying "CONGRATULATIONS you have made it into CaSPA Live!" I remember that day so well and I thought to myself OMG!!!!! Did I really get in or am I just dreaming! I was so happy, excited and relieved at the same time. CaSPA live went for 20 weeks, (2 Terms). We rehearsed every Monday from 5pm – 8pm. 

At the end of all our rehearsals we put together an immersive theatre experience for an audience. An immersive theatre is when the audience participates and then they also become part of the actual show. The audience travel from room to room and are a part of each and every scene. The concept of the show was based on ‘What Kids Want’. It was a great success!

When this was over we received another email asking if we wanted to join CaSPA Danceworks. Of course I did and I had to audition again. This time we had to choreograph our own dance routine that could be taught to other dancers at the audition. At this audition there were even more talented dancers stretching, preparing and doing jetè's on the side.

A few weeks had passed and I received an email saying that I was successful and have been accepted into CaSPA Danceworks 2017. This time I thought it was just a dream because I, Charlotte, had the chance to go on tour and do what I love. CaSPA Danceworks was much harder and more challenging than CasPA Live. It went for a shorter period of time and within that time we had to choreograph eight dance routines by ourselves. The hardest thing was compromising and agreeing with other dancers on steps, music, formations and all other changes. This went for five weeks and each lesson went for three hours on a Monday night 5-8pm, so that in total makes 15 hours to create the 1 hour show. The theme for these routines was based on ‘Well Being for Life’.

In Week Seven we went on tour. Going on tour was amazing!!! We travelled to many different schools within Sydney. On the first day we went to Holy Spirit, North Ryde and St Peter Chanel Regents Park. On the second day we went St Mary's Erskineville and St Michael’s Daceyville. On day three we performed at two High Schools, Mount Saint Joseph's Milperra and Marist College Penshurst. On our final day we travelled St John Bosco Primary School and Holy Family Menai. All students at each and every school were responsive and enjoyed our performances. I was even asked for an autograph and to take a selfie.....he he!

The time spent travelling on the bus was made up of partying, listening to music, singing and making great friendships. We all became very close at the end of our CaSPA journey and I did not want it to end. I really enjoyed my year in CaSPA. It was a fulfilling and a wonderful experience, and just to let you know that auditions are coming up in Term 4 for 2018. So remember if you are a vocalist , dancer , actor or a musician take the time to go and check out the audition dates for CaSPA 2018. I highly recommend it.