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CaSPA Let's Sing

posted 29 Jun 2017, 21:29 by Michelle Virgona
On Wednesday in Week 10 (28 June), 21 students from the school choir went to a performance called “Let's Sing” hosted by CaSPA. We performed four songs - one of which was our choice, and two were given to us to learn before the day. The final one was taught to us on the day, by the guest conductor, Jodie Spooner-Ryan. There were 16 other schools with us. We went on the bus with Mrs DeAngelis, but picked up Mrs Nero at her other school, All Hallows, with their choir. We sang the song of our choice after 12 schools had sung theirs, and All Hallows sung right after us. Our song was called ‘Reach for the Stars’ by ‘S club 7’. 

I think we did really well performing this song. After the performances, we went through the 2 songs that were given to us by CaSPA. They were called “Let's Make Tomorrow Today” and “Sing”. There were two parts to be sung. Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 was the Sopranos, meaning they sing the high notes. Part 2 were the Altos, meaning they sing the low notes. We sung Part 1, so we had to sing really high. I think we did really well at these as well. Finally, we were taught a song called “Oye”. In this we sang in English and Spanish. This was really fun and enjoyable, and it sounded amazing once we had all learnt it. 

So in conclusion, we really loved this and found it very exciting and enjoyable. We were all so happy at the end that we were given this chance by Mrs Nero. The whole choir would love to thank her for all the hard work that she has put into dance team and the school choir. We would also love to thank you for the exciting opportunities that you give us every day. We would like to wish you luck for the future in your musical career. Thank you for being our music teacher. 
By Alex (Performing Arts Leader).