The staff and school leadership team are in the process of placing children in class groupings. These lists are organised with the present class teachers, in consultation with the support staff, who know the children well. These lists will be available to parents in week 10 of term. The aim, though challenging, is to collate balanced classes that will facilitate a positive and enriching learning environment for the 2014 year. 
When forming classes, the staff, take a lot of time to ensure that each class have the best possible combinations of children, providing a balance of educational needs and a balance where possible of friendship groups. If however, your child has specific needs that will impact on their learning, that we may not be aware of, or if you have significant information about your child that would assist us, now is the time to let me know in writing no later than Friday 22nd November. 
As Principal, I make the decisions with regards to staffing and the class placement of students in consultation with the leadership team and staff. As you would appreciate it is not possible to please all parents, however, I focus on what I believe is in the best interests of each child. In fairness to all, I ask that you rely on the professionalism of the teachers who have worked with your child this year.