For Students

At Villa Maria Catholic Primary School, our school values of Faith, Hope, Courage and Generosity underpin learning as well as the commitment of the whole community towards the wellbeing, respect and safety of others.

The Restorative Practices program that is led by Marist Youth Care has been adopted at Villa Maria. This program aims to build and maintain high-quality relationships and instill compassion, forgiveness and inclusiveness. As a result, in times of conflict children are encouraged to restore the relationship, by going through a process of resolution which is reinforced when using affective questions.

When following Restorative Practices, Villa Maria aims to:

  • communicate expectations clearly
  • communicate and deliver consequences
  • acknowledge good behaviour
  • build your child’s self-esteem
  • be fair and consistent when applying rules
  • handle conflict calmly
  • teach by example
  • show that you care (Restorative Practices Parent Workshop, Marist Youth Care 2012).

Acknowledging Student Achievement

At Villa Maria we believe it is important to acknowledge the learning of each student as well as personal achievements in other domains, such as sport and creative arts.

Each Monday and Thursday, the school leaders organise and deliver a whole school assembly where weekly awards are distributed. These awards are based on our Learning Principles: Strong Foundations, Thinking, I Am Unique, Working Together, Making this World a Better Place and Technology. Twice a term students are also presented with a Live, Learn and Shine Award that acknowledges the exceptional role models within our student community.

Learning Support

At Villa Maria students are provided with the necessary support and interventions required for them to work according to their learning needs. The Diverse Learning teacher works with classroom teachers to devise and adjust suitable learning programs for these students.

A process for referral is in place for teachers and parents to recommend students who give cause for concern in one or more areas of their learning. The Diverse Learning teacher works with students one-on-one or in small groups and will withdraw them and/or help them in the classroom. A number of intervention programs are in place at Villa Maria and include Reading Recovery, MiniLit and MultiLit, and QuickSmart which aim to assist students in their reading and writing. Passive Play is also provided for children and is held in the library at lunch times on Tuesdays.

Gifted and Talented

At Villa Maria teachers ensure that all students are given the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Identification and referral procedures are in place in order to identify a child’s giftedness or talents in certain areas. Teachers and parents are part of this process where information is collected on various behaviours observed and data is collected when children are tested. As a result of their identification, teachers in partnership with students and parents, discuss and develop an Individual Adjustment Plan that is based on the classroom programs while seeking to develop and meet the student's needs.