Our School


The Marist Brothers and the Sisters of St Joseph established the parish schools, in the early 1880, on the corner of Gladesville Road and Mary Street, Hunters Hill. Although sharing the same site, there were separate boys' and girls' schools. The buildings were made of wood. The Josephites establishment was a convent school that had five Sisters, eight boarders and an assistant teacher all living on the premises, and a total attendance of 65 students.

  • 1907 - Convent and school were destroyed by fire. Parish schools were eventually built separately: the girls' school on a block purchased from the Josephites, and the boys' school in Mark Street opposite St Joseph’s College. Both buildings opened in 1908.
  • 1965 - The Marist Sisters took over the primary school in Mark, Street enrolling both boys and girls. The amalgamated school was known as St Joseph’s School.
  • 1967 - Sr Julienne, Marist Sister, was appointed Principal.
  • 1968 - Sr Louise became Principal and asked the Cardinal for permission to change the school’s name to Villa Maria.
  • 1968 - Sr Herman was Principal.
  • 1972 - Sr Emilian was Principal.
  • 1978 - Sr Maria Clark was Principal.
  • 1979 - Sr Margaret Cummins was Principal.
  • 1980 - Sr Maria Clark was Principal.
  • 1981 - Sr Emilian was Principal.
  • 1983 - A new administration block and renovated hall were opened.
  • 1984 - Sr Carroll was Principal.
  • 1987 - Miss Mary Cloran was appointed Acting Principal.
  • 1988 - Miss Cloran became the first lay Principal.
  • 1989 - The new school library was opened, and the hall was returned to its original use.
  • 1993 - Mrs Price-Randall was appointed Principal.
  • 1993 - Sr Helen Leary was the last Marist Sister to teach and also assist in the Library at the school. She retired in December.
  • 1997 - Renovations to the school plant were blessed and opened.
  • 1998 - Miss Julie Cunneen was Principal.
  • 2011 - Mr Kevin Turner was appointed Principal.