For Students

Programs and co-curricula

St Vincent’s is a two-stream school, with 13 classes from Kindergarten to Year 6. We aim to support individual needs of students through the provision of special programs:

  • EAL/English Support: assistance for children who require ongoing support in their learning of English (speaking, reading, and writing).
  • New Arrivals: English teaching on an individual or small-group basis for children newly arrived in Australia with no knowledge of English.
  • Reading Recovery: early intervention on an individual basis for students in Year 1 who are having difficulty learning to read. Approximately 8–10 children are on this program each year.
  • Special Education Support: specialist teaching for children with identified physical or intellectual disabilities, and in certain cases for children with particular learning difficulties, emotional or social problems.
  • Gifted and Talented: extension work for children identified as being academically gifted in a targeted area. Assessment of all students from Year 1 to Year 6 identifies the children to be included in these programs. Regularly throughout the year, children with particular talents and gifts are included in workshops with up to fifteen other children from local Catholic schools. Areas that are offered include Mathematics, English, Music, Drama, Computers, PDHPE and Creative Arts.
  • ICT: an Information, Communication (technology and computer) teacher works in the school one day per week providing curriculum support to classroom teachers and students.
  • Hearing-impaired: a specialist teacher visits to provide assistance to identified hearing-impaired students.
  • Music Lessons: a Music specialist teacher is employed to instruct the children K-6. This teacher also trains a choir, drawing students from Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  • Physical Education Lessons: a specialist Physical Education teacher is employed to teach skills in Physical Education.
  • Swimming: all children participate in two weeks of intensive swimming lessons taught by experienced swimming coaches at Ashfield Pool in Term 4.
  • Keyboard Lessons: VIP Music organise these lessons out of class time. Parents make independent contact to arrange for their child to attend lessons. Contact details are available at the School Office.
  • Chess Club: a Chess Club is organised with Australian Chess Academy instructors. Parents organise their child’s involvement and are required to pay for this program separately. A school Chess competition is also run in Term 4 each year. There is no cost involved.
  • Public Speaking Competition: a public speaking competition is held in Term 3. All students participate at class/grade level with representatives from each stage debating at the whole school finals. This is one of the highlights of our school year and we hope you will fully support your child’s involvement.
  • Debating: Students in Years 5 and 6 participate in a cluster Debating Circle in Term 1 with students from other local Catholic schools.
  • Cluster Sport: students in Years 5 and 6 are included in inter-school sport with other local Catholic primary schools. The organisation of days is made on a term-by-term basis and parents are notified well in advance. They are generally held on two half days each term.
  • Sporting Opportunities: opportunities are provided each year for students to be selected into the school Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Teams. A range of other sports are offered that give students the opportunity to be selected to Regional / State sporting teams. These sports are Rugby League, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Netball.
  • Choir: a very successful School Choir sings at school and community events. The Choir meets once a week at lunchtime.
  • MULTILIT: This program assists students identified as in need of some additional support in developing foundational reading skills. Volunteers are welcome to be trained in the implementation of this program.
  • Band: here is a Band program operating across the three schools at Ashfield. Students have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and participate in the On The Block Band.
  • Violin: lessons are available for younger students who wish to be trained in learning a musical instrument. Parents organise their child’s involvement and are required to pay for this program separately.

Student Wellbeing (Restorative Justice) | Pastoral Care

The St Vincent’s Pastoral Care Policy has a range of components including:

  • the Pastoral Care of Students
  • anti-Bullying Strategies
  • guidelines for Behaviour Management
  • guidelines for the Management of Students with Challenging Behaviours
  • guidelines for Resolving Concerns and Complaints.

The Policy is under constant review to ensure the best support possible is offered to students, teachers and families. The Policy incorporates the principles and processes of 'Restorative Justice' as they have emerged following our school involvement in this program.

Student Leadership

We value the input and opinion of the students and believe that all students are important stakeholders in this community. Student participation in leadership is encouraged and all Year 6 students are leaders. The Year 6 School Leadership Team is comprised of the Sports Captains and SRC representatives.

Student life at St Vincent’s gives students the opportunity, not only to extend their learning, but also to develop their leadership skills. This is facilitated through the Student Representative Council (SRC) and participation in various school liturgies and prayer.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of children from Years 2 to Year 6 elected by their peers. The SRC initiates and co-ordinates activities to enhance the student life of the school, raise awareness of the charities we support, and initiate student outreach programs.


Every Monday morning, our school community joins together for a short morning assembly where we gather to pray and reflect upon our response to witnessing God’s presence in our lives. St Vincent’s also celebrates learning and the prayer life of the school through two assemblies held each term. Classes take turns in co-ordinating these assemblies. Student leaders assist during assemblies by presenting Merit Certificates to recognise and celebrate student achievement.