For Parents

Parent and Friends Association(P&F)

One P& F meeting is held each term. Sometimes there are guest speakers who talk on topics of general or educational interest. New parents are always welcome to attend any of the P & F meetings. Notice of meeting dates will be communicated in advance so that arrangements for child minding can be made if required.

Parent Involvement

Children love to see their parents involved at the school.

  • parent involvement contributes to the building of school community, and helps to create a happy learning environment for our children. 
  • research has shown that parents are the first and most important educators or their children.
  • parents and teachers working together positively affects the educational performance of students, increases self-esteem, and create an environment where home and school operate in partnership.

How can parent be involved?

  • Participating in/attending Celebrations: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St Vincent’s Day, Opening and Closing School Masses etc.
  • Attending scheduled Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Reading to and with children
  • Helping with computer work
  • Assisting with Maths and writing activities
  • Participating in the P&F
  • Helping on excursions
  • Covering library books
  • Responding to surveys sent from the school
  • Translating letters and school notes into community languages
  • Attending/supporting sporting events and the swimming program
  • Attending class and school events
  • Welcoming new parents
  • Participating on committees
  • Participating in the Scholastic Book Club
  • Assisting with other school programs such as MULTILIT.

Every activity that you are involved in contributes to the building of our school community.

All volunteers must sign a Prohibited Employment Declaration.

All volunteers are asked to complete the 'Working with Children Check' online, then print, date and sign it and hand in to school office.