Our Parish

Our Parish Priest is Fr Joti Bilowalu CM, who is very supportive of the school community and is involved in celebrating liturgical and other special events in the life of the school. Fr Joti has a strong commitment to the spiritual development of the students, staff and parents. The parish and school are committed to building strong relationships and developing a rich faith community.

The Parish of St Vincent de Paul was established in 1894 under the pastoral care of the Congregation of the Mission, known as The Vincentian Priests and Brothers. St Vincent is a multicultural parish with parishioners from over 70 countries. Together the community worships God and experiences the joys of belonging to God’s family. For more information please visit the website.

Contact Details

Parish Office Address: 12 Bland Street, Ashfield 2131
Phone: (02) 9798 2501
Fax: (02) 9798 2504
Parish Priest: Fr Joti Bilowalu
Parish Secretary: Mrs Carmen Yap
Pastoral Associate: Mrs Marguerite Martin

Mass Times

Sunday: 8.00am | 10.00am | 6.00pm


Every Thursday morning, playgroup runs in the school hall in order to bring together the current and future parents and carers with their children who are not yet attending school. The playgroup is organised by our Family Educator, Sinead Kent, and provides an ideal opportunity for parents and young children to socialise and become familiar with the St Vincent’s community. All are welcome to attend!

Parents and Friends

At St Vincent’s, we have an active and welcoming Parents and Friends committee. Through their enthusiasm and commitment to St Vincent’s, they continue to raise funds that benefit our school in a variety of areas, such as working towards purchasing educational resources and improving the playground.

Family Educator

St Vincent’s is fortunate to have a Family Educator. The role of the Family Educator is to nurture strong and meaningful parish/parent/school relationships and to explore new models of supporting the spiritual, social and educational formation of families.

There are four domains in which the Family Educators work to do this. They are:

  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing the faith life of parents
  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life of the school.
  • Connecting/reconnecting/enhancing families to the faith life of the Parish
  • Enhancing family well-being

The Family Educator is based within the school and is responsible to the Principal and works closely with the Parish Priest and Parish Pastoral Associate.