For Students

St Therese Primary School fosters a caring nurturing environment for our students. Currently, St Therese has fourteen classes from Kindergarten to Year 6.  Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are given leadership opportunities to develop their confidence in a range of situations.

The Stewart Library 
Our school library uses Oliver as the search engine for the community to find books and resources.

Library lessons are conducted once a week for borrowing and research. 

Literacy Pro Login for St Therese Primary School Students (This website replaces the Lexiles Program)

Leadership Team

As important members of the school community, students are valued for the contributions they can make to the school. Leadership potential is encouraged and supported.

The School Leadership Team comprises School Captains, Prefects, Sports Captains, Library Monitors and Religion Monitors. Each year a child is chosen to be the 'Wendy Hand' recipient. This is a scholarship set up in the name of a student who passed away in 1979. Examples of the responsibilities of the School Leadership Team are leading the weekly assembly, joining appropriate committees, delivering special occasion addresses and votes of thanks, and demonstrating school spirit.

Student Representative Council

Students have the opportunity to be part of the Student Representative Council from Year 2 to Year 6 (SRC). These students are voted in by their peers at the beginning of each school year. The SRC meets regularly to discuss school issues and events; their feedback represents the student body.

Mini Vinnies Group

Our Mini Vinnies program at St Therese is designed to connect our beliefs and values with service in Simplex Caritas "simple love." We participate in activities that meet the needs within our community. We strive to make our faith real, meaningful and relevant. Through the Mini Vinnies program students foster greater awareness of social justice issues, provide publicity opportunities, help students develop leadership skills through fundraising projects and make a positive difference in the school community. Mini Vinnies is our faith in action. There are currently 51 members in our Mini Vinnies group at St Therese and we meet during lunch times on a regular basis. 

Environment Committee

The Environment committee at St Therese Primary School regularly meet to discuss issues in the school community relating to the environment. They promote recycling and organise structures within the school. The students also take responsibility for maintaining the gardens and promote initiatives to encourage students to keep our school environment clean and tidy.

St Therese Awards

St Therese Awards are given out each week by classroom and specialist teachers to children who:

  • "Learn for Life" (commitment towards learning, initiative, independence)
  • "Meet the Challenge" (enthusiasm, significant improvement, achieving a goal) and
  • "Live the Gospel" (respectful of others, positive attitude, kindness).

Once ten awards are collected, the child receives a Bronze Award; after another ten awards have been earned, they receive a Silver Award; and after another ten awards, the child receives a Gold Award.

Each level of achievement (Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards) is acknowledged at an assembly and announced in the fortnightly newsletter. On attaining a Gold Award, a letter will be sent home to parents inviting them to attend the school assembly. The children will also be invited to afternoon tea with the Principal.