Schoolwide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL) is an evidence-based approach that provides a framework for a school and its community to promote student safety, wellbeing and learning.

St Therese Catholic Primary School began implementation of SPBL in 2017 with three major behaviour expectations - be respectful, be a learner and be safe. Lessons on these expectations are taught in all classes from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are rewarded with ‘gems’ for demonstrating these expectations across all settings of the school, and can exchange their ‘gems’ for rewards. Students are also rewarded each week for:

Learning for life: demonstrated by commitment towards learning, initiative and independence
Meeting the challenge: demonstrated by enthusiasm, significant improvement or achieving a goal
Living the gospel: demonstrated by being respectful of others, having a positive attitude and being kind

Students who receive multiple awards can trade them in to move up the school’s merit system. 

10 Awards= Bronze Award
20 Awards =Silver Award
30 Awards = Gold Award

Students are acknowledged for their achievements at the school assembly, and Gold Award winners are invited to share an afternoon tea with the Principal at the end of the year. Once a child has reached the Gold Award the process starts again, and on completing the Merit System a second time the child will receive a school medal.