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Partnership With Parents

St Therese Catholic Primary School encourages and actively supports a positive, supportive partnership between home and school. The involvement of parents within the school is highly valued.

Parent involvement is a vital resource in building up the faith community of St Therese, and each year all parent helpers must attend an information session before volunteering in the school.

Parent assistance in the classroom depends on the needs of the class, but could include activities such as reading, maths groups, PDHPE activities, sports days, art and craft activities, other group work and excursions. We also encourage parents to help in our school library covering books and preparing resources through our HELP group.

An essential requirement for any prospective classroom parent helper is confidentiality. That is, the ability to interact with children in their learning environment and not to discuss with anyone, except the class teacher, if appropriate, aspects of any child's performance. Such confidentiality is vital in protecting the developing self-esteem of each young child.