Our Mission Statement

Live the Gospel                                    Learn for Life                                                  Meet the Challenge

Children, families, staff and our parish are all considered part of our community at St Therese Primary School. Together we live our motto of Simplex Caritas - Simple Love - by: 

Being a faith community that lives and celebrates Gospel values 
Educating children in Catholic traditions, doctrine and scripture 
Providing quality teaching and learning programs that focus on the needs of the child
Developing in each child confidence, skills and unique talents so that they can meet life's challenges with faith, hope and love

At the school’s first meeting in 1966, held in the Parish Hall, it was decided the school colours would be red and white.  Red reflected the school’s Sacred Heart background, and the colours were different to those of any other schools in the district. Mother McMahon, the first school principal, then had a crest designed for the school in red and white.

Learning and teaching is our core work at St Therese, and our mission and vision statements reflect this commitment.

Mission Statement:
Live the Gospel, Learn for Life, Meet the Challenge.

Vision Statement:
Enriched by the Charism of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and with the teaching of Jesus in all aspects of school life, 
St Therese is a place where the students co-construct their
learning through innovation,
inspiration and interdependence developing as
expert learners in partnership with the community.