Our Traditions

We are part of a rich, ongoing historical tradition

The origin of St Therese is not in education systems or buildings, but in the deep desire of parents to have their children educated and formed in faith.  In 1963, Green Valley was chosen to be a new satellite city and Father Muldoon came to the area as the first parish priest. The parishioners at the time erected the church hall.

Five Sisters of the Sacred Heart arrived from Rose Bay in 1966, and took temporary residence in the newly built Presbytery. One year later, in 1967, the school opened in temporary classrooms behind the church hall and Sister Betty McMahon became the first Principal.

Over the years our school and church continued to develop and change, and Margaret Connor became the first lay teacher at the school in 1968. The new church was opened in 1969, and one year later the present school and convent opened on a site that was formerly a swamp.

Sister Stewart began some major school building projects in 1975, and the Stewart Library was established to celebrate and commemorate her Golden Jubilee - she requested that all Jubilee gifts take the form of books for the library. In the same year, Mr Ted Lowen, the school’s first male teacher, supervised the construction of our adventure playground.

St Therese received assistance from the Disadvantaged Schools Program in 1978, and one year later Sr Diana Hayes became the second principal of the school. Fr Muldoon financed the completion of two more classrooms in 1982, enabling all classes to operate on the new site. 
The 1984 Kindergarten Class
The 1984 Kindergarten Class

The school’s third principal, Sister Nancy Fitzgerald, began work in 1985.  Two years later, in 1987, the quadrangle awning was added to the site, allowing the school to host events like our Athletics Carnival.

The school celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1990, and the adventure playground was refurbished in 1992. The office was extended and the classrooms were re-carpeted in 1994, and in 1995 the school participated in Wakakirri for the first time. Mr Michael McGovern was appointed as the first lay principal in in 1997.in in 1997.

Brother Nicholas Harsas was appointed Principal of St  Therese in 2004. The library was air-conditioned in 2006, and a major upgrade of information and communication technology was finished in time for the school’s 40th anniversary the next year. One year later, in 2008, Mrs Jean McInerney was appointed Interim Principal until the appointment of Mrs Linda O'Regan one year later in 2009. The current parish priest Father Paulino Tui came to the parish in August 2008, and Mr Steve Lemos was appointed principal in 2015. Mrs Michelle McKinnon, the current principal, was appointed in 2017.

Along with every other primary school in Australia, St Therese benefitted from the Australian Federal Government's Building the Education Revolution initiative in  2010. This saw large amounts of money granted to schools in a massive program to upgrade school infrastructures and stimulate the national economy in the wake of the global financial crisis. As a result of the Building the Education Revolution program, St Therese has a beautiful new hall, air-conditioning in all classrooms, and ESL and Creative Arts rooms, opened in 2011.